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Where it started

These were the first pre-printed Sashiko cloths I worked on. Kaza Guruma #1 and #3

The top one is #1 and the first one I did, I used a variety of threads, some Olympus Sashiko Thread and Wonderfil and even a few hand dyed threads from Barnegat Bay Dyeworks

The second photo, #3 I used the Olympus Sashiko Thread, three different colors. They both need to be washed and you can see that I did not Stitch the outer lines, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna frame them and place them side by side someplace in the house, just need to find the frames.

One thing about these pre-printed cloths is they come with a front and back attached

Now there are a few ways you can use the "back" part - You can stitch through both pieces, this is what I do because I want my project to have some body and not be so floppy after stitched. You can stitch through just the front and use the back as a pillow back. Or you can save the back piece for another project. This is where my philosophy of stitching/quilting/crafting comes in to play - DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY - I've taken classes, watched videos and read all about traditional sashiko but I also know what I like to do and what makes me happy and that is to "knot" my thread and to double up my fabric, it's how I roll. I'll do another post on the back of my projects so you can better understand what I'm talking about.

Last Christmas I finished up Purity

As you can see I still need to wash out the pre-printed lines, and I promise they do come out. I used Wonderfil #24 and #31 and I plan on using both of these colors on the newest cloth, Blessing. In the email I sent out last week I wrote about Blessing and the colors I was going to use...well I changed my mind and decided to go with the same as I did for Purity. I get excited when I think about starting a new project but I have one Halloween embroidery to finish before I let myself start anything else.

I lost a day with a sinus headache this week but I'm on the mend and ready to finish up, and maybe, just maybe pop into my sewing room and clean off the cutting table so I can finish up a few pillows.

Until Next Time

Be Kind


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