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Throwback Craft

Do you remember making pom-poms when you were young?

You would wrap the yarn around your hand, sometimes pulling so tight you would cut off the circulation and then wrap a piece of yarn around the middle of and snip...but you would often end up with something that looked like the second picture, floppy with a need for a really good haircut.

As the years went by people found all kinds of ways to make templates and some were successful. They started as cardboard and moved on to plastic but there was still an element of getting it to be full enough and pom-pomie enough.

I ran across the Clover Pom-Pom maker when placing an order from my distributor. I'd seen a pillow on Instagram, My 100 Year Old Home, and knew I had to make it.

I saved the picture for inspiration and when I saw the maker I knew it was meant to be. If you like to do some different crafting pop over to IG and follow Leslie, she has some really cool ideas.

So I grabbed some chenille yarn from my stash and started making pom-poms...well let me back up, I opened the package, and even though Clover does a great job with pictures and instructions this tool made zero sense to me. BUT...once I figure it out I made 24 pom-poms in a few hours while watching a Harry Potter movie. I still need to make it into a pillow, I typically head to the sewing room on the weekend, so maybe this weekend I'll get it done.

Back to making the pom-poms...I made a video and posted to you youtube channel. I still need to figure out the camera location but I think you'll be able to see how to use the maker.

So tell you make pom-poms? What do you use the for? and how do you make them?

Just curious...

Until next time

Be Kind


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