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Do you clean out your rotary cutter between blades?

I haven't been quilting as much as I want or thought I would after closing the store front but that's okay because I've kind of gotten sucked into the handwork world. But when I wanted to start a new project I cleaned out my sewing machine...yuck...and changed the needle and decided to change the blade in my Olfa Rotary Cutter. I love my Olfa quick change cutters, it's what I used in the shop, yes we cut fabric and didn't rip it. Anyways, while changing the blade I noticed that there was some gunk around the middle screw and under the blade closer, so I took a straight pin and started cleaning and pocking around and came out with all kinds of bits and pieces of fuzz.

When I put the new Endurance Blade in my cutter and took that first cutting through melted smooth. The Endurance Blades have been out for about 5 years and I used them in the shop because of how long they last and it's what I use now when cutting fabric for orders, and actually I have the same blade in my work rotary cutter since 2020 when I started up selling fabric in my Etsy store. So while they may cost a little more they are well worth it.

So have you used the Endurance Blade? Do you have a favorite rotary cutter? Let me know

Until Next Time

Be Kind


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