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Sashiko Needles

Sashiko Needles are longer and thicker than traditional embroidery needles. Most Sashiko needles have larger eyes, making it easier to thread the thicker Sashiko threads. The long needles allow for "packing" on the fabric, or loading up the needle to pull through.

Below are some types of Sashiko Needles.

Clover Needlecraft has various types of needles - this pack has four different sizes with various lengths.

These Long-Type Sashiko Needles from Clover Needlecrafts are perfect for those that love to load up their needles.

Sashiko needles from Colonial Needle Company have been hand curated by Pepper Cory. This sampler pack has 10 needles and 4 sizes.

Now you might be wondering which ones I use....I use the ones from Colonial Needle and normally the smallest ones in the pack and mostly because I have smaller hands and I feel like the longer needles are more difficult for me to manage. I do use a needle threader with these needles, mostly for ease but with the larger eyes in these needles, you don't really need one. I have also found that I can load up a smaller/shorter needle, maybe not as much as the longer ones but I'm okay with that because the needle is comfortable in my hand.

I'm not sure if this cleared up all of the confusion with the Sashiko Needles but I will say this...use the needle you are comfortable with. If a needle is not comfortable in your hand you are not going to use it and you may just put the handwork aside because it is a royal pain...I would rather you use what makes you happy and stitch, then try something, get aggravated and not pick up your stitching again.

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