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Quilting Mojo

I have a thing for two color quilts and red & white have always been favorites of mine. I've done a small one that was okay and a learning experience, the lesson I learned, I don't like all reds. I found this red and fell in love, the pattern is small with a little silver in it, perfect for a Christmas Quilt. This pattern came from Better Homes & Garden American Patchwork & Quilting April 2021 magazine, so check out your magazine stash for the pattern. In the magazine it is blue & white....just a tip...if you use directional fabric be careful or you'll be bonding with your seam ripper.

Next up for two color quilts is yellow & white just need to find the pattern I want to use. I'm not making these quilts huge, just big enough to hang over our bed...I want to change them out seasonally.

Until next time

Be Kind


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