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Purpleish or Purplish

I did a new wool roll set today and it's color isn't really purple purple but it's not blue blue so I named it "purpleish". When I wrote it out the spell check on my computer kept saying NO-NO-NO that is not how it is spelled...


I went in search of the correct spelling of a word that I was pretty sure was a made-up word and low and behold there really isn't a word for a color that is sort of purple but not a real purple purple. I guess I could type it out as "purple-ish" but even that doesn't feel right and again spell check is telling me it's not spelled correctly.

So if you see any of the items on my website with "ish" after the color what it means is this...

The color is sort of the color that I add "ish" too but not in the sense that it's on the color wheel.

So you tell me...would you call this roll "purpleish"

Let me know what you think...would love to hear your opinion on what color you see in this new roll.

Until Next Time

Be Kind


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