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Project Updates

Do you remember the blog post from August 12 where I wrote about the updates on the projects in my Queue?


I can't show you the complete finished project till October 1st....but here is a sneak peek of the Wooly Block Adventure 2022 - and - it is done and I'm excited to show you the full finished projects - DONE

The Velveteen Zipper Pouch with hand embroidery - DONE

Pom-Pom Pillow - well the pom-poms have been attached to the front of the pillow, now to pop up to the sewing room and make in to the full pillow - this involves adding a zipper to the back, which I don't mind and will do a quick tutorial on with pictures. So...Almost Done

I'm trying to not add any other projects but I get in a few new Sashiko pre-printed cloths and I can't wait to get started on one that has a real Christmas feel to it.

I want to get this one done with the other Christmas Sashiko I did last year, stitched and both into pillows - YES more pillows. I have two chairs these will be perfect in.

Okay, back to work, I came across a pretty fall project that needs to be kitting so I need to get to cutting and ripping and tracing.

Until Next Time

Be Kind


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