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Product Review - Sulky Stick n' Stitch

Over the years there have been several products come out that made hand embroidery easier/quicker. One of the most tedious things when it comes to hand embroider is tracing...let me state that I HATE TO TRACE...there, I said it and not taking it back. I find I get bored and sloppy or my pen/pencil skips and to me it is a total time suck. Now, that all being said I've not really enjoyed stitching through any of the products you can print on and soak off, the first ones out would gum up the needle and were a total pain to get off the fabric, often times leaving the fabric hard and just down right gross.

So....I wanted to stitch on this little Kimberbell zipper pouch

I had purchased a digital file from PFDesignLab on Etsy and I knew there was no way I would go to the effort to trace on a dark fabric so printing off on a water soluble product was my only option.

I printed the design I wanted to stitch, on paper, so I could decide if I needed to shrink the design to stitch on this little bag, which I did. Once I decided on the size I placed one piece of the paper-backed Sulky Stick 'n Stitch in the paper tray on my printer and hit copy and was that easy.

On this sheet I combined two designs and printed on one sheet of the Stick n'Stitch. I will cut them apart and use on two different projects. I will also cut the "white" space away before I place on my fabric.

Here you can see where I pull the paper off the back and I'm left with the "sticky" product that I will place on my fabric.

I use a sharp needle and if I feel like my needle is getting tacky I'll clean off using hand wipes or glass cleaning wipes, but on this project I didn't have the need to clean the needle, which really impressed me. I used 8wt Wonderfil Perle Cotton, so a thicker thread than floss, and had zero issues pulling the needle & thread through the fabric and Stick n' Stitch.

I did a video of removing the product from my project and posted on my Youtube channel

And here is my project, it's dried, I need to press it and then sew up the sides

So my review of this product is 4 Stars and will use again, actually going to do a few more of these little zipper bags, cause ya know, Christmas is just around the corner.

Let me know what you think if you've used the product and what you think.

Until Next Time

Be Kind


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