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Let's Talk Needle Threaders

We've all been there...trying to thread a needle, we wet the thread, we cut it on an angle, we wet it again, we wet the eye of the needle, we roll through thread, we DO EVERYTHING we can think of but sometimes the thread is very persistent and will not go through that darn eye.

For the longest time I could manage really well without using a threader but as the years went on it became increasingly harder to do. So I rummaged through my stitching stuff and came up with a few from the shop days

The Bohin Needle Threader - You can customize it using thread and stitching thorough the center

This little Ladybug needle thread is from my own personal stash. I sold these for several years while I had the store front but sadly they are no longer available.

Lighted Needle Threader

This little's a fun practical threader but you have to remove the cap to make it work and until I discovered that I can't tell you how many wires I bent trying to push it "up" with the little red button...that's for the light, so pull the cap off and push in on the button and you have a lighted needle threader, replace the cap to save the wire from getting bent.

And that takes us to the video portion of this blog...I have a Youtube channel that I've started back loading videos on and I thought it would be fun to show how to use the needle threaders with a quick little tutorial. Now I know what some of y'all are's so easy why do you need a's not as intuitive as you might let me help ya out. Check out the video and let me know what you think....and while you are there go ahead and subscribe to my channel.

So there ya have it...using a Needle Threader 101

Until Next Time

Be Kind


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