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Let's Chat About Thread

If I were to show you my thread stash, for handwork, you would see that it is all over the map. I have always loved using different threads in my handwork. When I was heavy in to cross-stitch I was introduced to hand-dyed cotton floss and I might have gone a little over-board with collecting/acquiring thread.

So let's chat about thread....

  • Floss - 6 strand, typically cotton, can be separated to use between 1 and 6 strands, this thread can be used for embroidery, applique (wool and cotton), cross-stitch, and Sashiko. There are many brands of floss, most know about DMC because it was the most popular for several years, while no longer manufactured in France, it does have a long history in the stitchery world. There are so many hand-dyed floss vendors out there. The Gentle Art Sampler Threads, Weeks Dye Works, both I carry on my website, and check out these threads from Barnegat Bay Dye Works

  • Sashiko Thread - Sashiko Thread is more twisted than embroidery thread/floss and is not to be separated. There are solid and variegated Sashiko thread and the most popular thread company is Olympus for their variety.

  • Perle Cotton - Perle Cotton is a 2 ply thread that is not to be separated, it has a higher sheen than other cotton threads. With Perle Cotton thread the higher the thread weight the thinner the thread.

I think this image I found on the Wonderfil thread website shows four sizes of perle cotton and how they stitch up.

I am a HUGE fan of the 8wt Perle Cotton and use it in wool applique, embroidery, Sashiko and general mending. With a variety of variegated and solids to chose from, it's easy to see why I'm in love with it.

Now let's really chat about thread...stitcher to stitcher...I am a no judger when it comes to the type of thread you want to use in your project. If you want to stitch up some Sashiko and use perle cotton I will cheer you on, if you want to use traditional Sashiko thread, you'll get the same pat on the back and WOOT WOOT cheer. If 6 Strand Floss is more your vibe, I say ... you go girl/guy.

I will share what I'm working on and what thread I'm using, because I like to over-share. I love mixing up my perle cottons with 6 strand floss when I'm doing wool applique because I like the way it looks and I ENJOY it. As a stitcher/maker I want to have fun when I'm working on a project and isn't that what it's all about?

There is so much more we could chat about when it comes to thread but I think I'll save that for a later time.

So grab some thread, your favorite, and a needle and sit and stitch

Until Next Time

Be Kind


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