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Finish Up with a Helper

Remember this photo from a previous blog post?

I chatted about a throwback craft - pom-pom making


the inspiration for this project came from an Instagram post


I happened to have some chenille yarn in my stash so I had to make the pillow

And here it is....a few notes about this pillow...I didn't plan out how big it was going to be when I finished and I didn't have enough for the backing fabric to be big enough when I added the zipper so while I wanted it to finish at 18" to 16" it was more like 14". I only had a 16" pillow form but I made it work. I did mark the fabric so the pom-poms were spaced out evenly in a grid pattern. After marking I hand sewed the pom-poms on and that went really quick. I am happy with the way it turned out, just wish it were a little bigger and I can 100% guarantee you that I will not be washing this pillow - EVER - because the chenille yarn is very linty and will load the washing machine up with bits and pieces.

So let's recap from my projects in the queue from this blog post

Velvet zipper pouch - Done

New Sashiko - well - not started but I did start another new one, so does that count?

Wooly Block Adventure - Done

Pom-Pom Pillow - Done

Happy Jack - Sadly Jack will need to wait because I'm working on a Halloween pillow and has me super excited and well...I'm addicted to pillows and this one really really needs to get out of my head.

So over all I think I'm doing pretty good.

For today I'll leave you with a picture of one of my snoopervisors

Until Next Time

Be Kind


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