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Do you???

Do you use a hoop with your hand embroidery work?

I've been watching videos on youtube and reels on Instagram and noticed there are a lot of people that hoop when doing hand embroidery work. I used to hoop, actually I used to hoop and then I was using scrolls when I was doing a lot of cross stitching. When I started doing punchneedle several years ago I started using the Clover Needlecrafts hoop

I like this one because it holds the fabric in place, doesn't slide and there is not hook or ring to catch my thread on. I don't use a hoop for Sashiko because you need to be able to load your needle and do running stitches, I also haven't been using it for basic embroidery designs.

So...back to the question...

Do you use a hoop? Inquiring minds want to know...

Until Next Time

Be Kind


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