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Back in the Day

Back in the day I used to cross-stitch...A LOT...if I was sitting I was stitching, I couldn't stitch in the car but I could stitch just about any place else. I was clearing out a bin of my old stitching supplies and came across this piece that I started, the date on the pattern is 1995, the fabric is an even weave linen and I was stitching over two threads. Notice the thread is all labeled, needle case loaded with a crap-ton of needles and even found the scissors with it.

When we first married I moved to New Hampshire and found a local cross-stitch store, it soon became a local place to hang-out and then I went to work one day a week, it was the best job, straighten up the shop, chat with customers and in down time you got to sit and stitch.

I'm seeing cross-stitch make a comeback and I'm itching to see if my eyes can handle the tiny stitches because I would love to finish this Rainbow Row.

I'm also wondering if I should try something a little smaller to jump back into the water like these little kits.

These little kits are so stinkin' cute ... Look what they come with

  • 18ct White Aida Cloth,

  • Presencia Floss,

  • John James Tapestry Needle,

  • Ribbon,

  • Tart Tin,

  • Foam Pad,

  • Black & White Pattern

  • Illustrated Basic Cross Stitch Instructions

Just add stitching...I love that.

I won't be adding one of these kits to my queue or to-do list because I do have things I need to finish for gifts and Wooly Block Adventure but if I get them done this week I might be grabbing one of these for myself.

So tell you cross stitch?

Until Next Time

Be Kind


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