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No...not that...or that...or that...


I am done taking new pictures and loading them to the website for some of The Gentle Art floss

When I first loaded the floss to my website I used the stock photos from the manufactures website and it wasn't long after my friend, Debbie, messaged me that the pictures were...well..she didn't say crappy but she might as well forward a couple of years and I have finally taken new pictures and uploaded and now they are really true to color. To be fair to Debbie, she was right, they were horrible but it was something I kept putting off, there was new exciting stock, not stuff that I had already listed.

If you've not used this floss in your cross-stitch, hand embroidery, wool applique or any other stitching you don't know what you are missing out on.

Check this color out...



this one....

Island Blue

These are just two of the 98 colors I have in stock.

I've written it before...I have a serious thread addiction and honestly I always have. I started using hand-dyed floss in the mid 90's on most of my cross stitch pieces and The Gentle Art floss was some of my favorite, heck I still have a few pieces that I collected back then and will pull it out and use it. I do love to use this floss, 2 to 3 threads, for my wool applique because the colors are perfect for the hand-dyed wool I use, gives it that extra pop.

A little thing about using floss vs perle cottons or 12wt thread, it's 2 to 3 strands of thread to match the 12wt Aurifil and other perle cottons, I find 3 strands works best for most of my applique and embroidery needs and 2 for cross stitch. When separating this thread, you do need to pull out one at a time, and make sure you put the correct color ends together when you do this. that this is done tomorrow I'll be make some new wool bundles to load to the website and I'm so EXCITED to share a few of my new Christmas kits...

My excited look ... LOL

Until Next Time

Be Kind


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